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Thanks for clicking in and taking the time to read my personals blog. I don\'t take myself too seriously and have become the humor. I\'ve come to realize that I can\'t change the past and have absolutely no way of predicting the future...all I can do is control the present and that\'s why I\'m here. Trust me, it\'s not my dream to be on here (LOVE the sound of crickets after sending a sincere greeting...); I\'d love to meet the greatest gal on the planet the old fashioned way, but...I\'m relatively new to the area and my ventures out into the social arena have been limited. So, here I am. I want to share what I think has been, and continues to be, a pretty cool life with someone who\'s looking to do the same. I am a kind and caring person and I try to seek balance and meaning in my everyday life. My friends say I
rosecandy_usapride from Ashburn, VA